Any good recruitment partner must have an understanding of the sector and the roles within that sector to effectively help candidates apply and secure the most suitable jobs on offer.
Recruitment agencies should not simply push candidates in front of potential employees, the role may not be the right role for you, the culture may not be a fit or the potential for building your career may not be suitable, along with the requirement to ensure that the job seekers presented are capable, able and a good fit for both the position and client’s business.

Not everyone who applies for a role gets put forward to the potential employer.
We help job seekers who are looking for temporary, contract or permanent careers in the construction sector. We have many years experience and expertise in this sector and have helped many job seekers and clients get many benefits in both short and long term by using Valyou Recruitment as their recruitment partner.
Positions from apprentices to board room have been fulfilled by us and all those in between. Admin and trades, technical and manual, finance and purchasing. With this experience of identifying and presenting the right candidate, to a well prepared and validated role and vacancy means that you as a candidate will be supported and assisted in looking at opportunities that suit your employment goals and objectives.
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