Specialist recruiter providing Management &Technical, Trades & Labour and Plant Operatives for the UK construction industry.
Our clients use Valyou Recruitment because we are a specialist construction sector recruiter.
Clients have said: It would not be possible to have the number of suitable candidates provided, as our internal efforts and referrals cannot produce the required type of candidate.
Wasting our time and effort trying to identify a suitable successful candidate for the varied positions we require fulfilling and often having to make do with the best we internally can find.

We understand that many clients time and energy is spent managing and completing work while understaffed, leaving little time to manage proactive quality recruiting.
We take care of the whole process of working with you to identify your specific recruitment requirements.
Not just the immediate vacancy you must fill right now, but getting to understand your business and its culture. Then, work with you to develop your recruitment strategy to obtain the best possible candidates for the temporary, contract and permanent positions across all aspects of your construction cycle.
Develop the right job description and attributes and utilise our expertise and extensive network of candidates, including those who may not be looking for a new job opportunity right now. Shortlisting those we have identified as suitable and not sending you any that are not just to make you feel you are getting good service. We provide expert sector experience and expertise, add value to any recruitment requirement, and help you attract top talent.
Please feel free to take 2 minutes to make a call.
It could save you many hours of lost frustrating time and provide you with a better-quality candidate in a shorter timeline.

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