Cross Hiring

VALYOU have successfully worked with a number of customers across a variety of Industry sectors to develop cross hiring solutions.

We look to establish a pool of tried & tested Construction people that are viewed by our clients as an extension to their own workforce or management. In fact we have gone a step further – ValYou is one of the few recruiters to develop Cross Hiring initiatives with our customers.

In brief, when our clients own people are not being fully utilised, ValYou place the employee / contractor on temporary assignment until they are needed again. We pay the wage rate for the assignment either to the client or directly to the contractor.

Benefits to our Clients:

  • Minimises non productive costs
  • Reduces downsizing costs, such as redundancy
  • Retain key people with key skills

Benefits to VALYOU:

  • Tried & tested people represent our business
  • Increases our labour pool & resources
  • Viewed as a genuine business partner