Open Book Pricing

Transparent fee structure for both paying & non-paying customers – VALYOU are committed to declaring to both candidates & clients the calculation of our charge rates.

This applies to Temporary Margins & % Permanent Fees. We also apply the principle to overtime premiums – as the agreed temporary margin is maintained. Most agencies use a percentage uplift to inflate their profits.

The quality of our candidates is relative to the market pay rates. We simply decline the opportunity if the pay rates are too low to attract quality candidates.

Temporary and Contract

The below table shows a breakdown of our pricing:

Pay Rate(Per Hour) Fixed Margin Level
£8.00 – £9.99 £1.50 Semi-Skilled
£10.00 – £14.99 £2.50 Skilled
£15.00 – £19.99 £3.50 Technical
£20.00 – £4.99 £4.50 Supervisor
£25.00 plus +POA Management

Temporary to Permanent

‘Temp to Perm’ arrangements are fixed at 13 weeks continuous supply. Unlike our competitors we do not insist on any additional fees. The worker can transfer to our client’s payroll free of charge after the 13th week.


Scale of fees for the introduction of permanent staff.

Salaries Fee % Minimum Fee
£0 – £19.999 12% £1000
£20,000 – £29.999 14%
£30,000 – £39,999 16%
£40,000 – £49,999 18%
£50,000 plus 20%

Refund Guarantee

We offer our Clients a Refund Guarantee if the Engagement terminates prematurely. If the Engagement terminates at any time within 8 weeks we will provide a refund in accordance with the scale below provided that:

a) Payment is received within the terms of payment

b) That the Client notifies VALYOU within 14 days of the date of termination

Weeks 1 & 2 100%
Weeks 3 thru 5 50%
Weeks 6 thru 8 25%


“Through out the recent downturn we’ve continuously passed our reduction in labour costs directly to our clients. This has helped us to retain our customers”