Glossary of Terms

Below is a list of common recruitment & assessment terms that you may find useful when using VALYOU Recruitment.

  • Applicant
    The person introduced by the employment agency to the client for an engagement.
  • Banksman
    Is the skilled person who directs the machine operators, who operate the heavy machinery, around a Construction site.
  • Bench Hand Joiner
    A Joiner that manufactures wooden products such as tables, chairs and doors, within a factory environment.
  • Bricklayer
    A person whose job it is to build walls, houses and other structures using bricks.
  • Building Services
    The engineering of the internal workings on a construction project typically through mechanical and electrical installation.
  • Candidate
    An individual who has been considered for a temporary assignment or permanent placement.
  • CCDO Card
    Demolition Operatives – A card shows that you have the skills required to work as a demolition operative and that you have the Health and Safety knowledge needed to work safely.
  • Ceiling Fixer
    A Ceiling Fixer would fit suspended ceilings in buildings. These ceilings are designed to hide pipework or wiring. They also hide heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Ceramic Tiler
    A skilled Tiler that specialises in fitting ceramic tiles.
  • Charge Rate (Invoice Rate)
    The charge rate is the hourly invoice rate we bill the client.
  • Cherry Picker/Scissor Lift
    A Cherry Picker/Scissor Lift is a hydraulic crane with a railed platform for raising and lowering people. Specifically a Scissor Lift Cherry Picker has folding supports in a criss-cross “X” pattern, known as a pantograph.
  • CISRS Card
    Scaffolders – A card shows that you have the skills required to work as a scaffolder and that you have the Health and Safety knowledge needed to work safely.
  • CITB
    Construction Industry Training Board is the Industry Training Board for the UK Construction industry.
  • CITB Phoenix Checks
    CITB Pheonix checks are used to verify the CSCS Status of a candidate.
    CITB Pheonix Checks can be done using ‎
  • CIS Status
    Construction Industry Scheme sets out the rules for how payments to subcontractors and self-employed construction workers are to be paid by contractors within the construction industry.
  • Civil Engineering
    The branch of engineering concerned with the design and construction of such public works as dams, bridges, highways and infrastructure.
  • Cleaner
    The skilled person employed to clean, which takes responsibility for such things as welfare facilities, canteen, site offices and the cleaning at the end of a project for hand over purposes.
  • Client
    The person, firm or corporate body to whom the applicant is introduced.
  • Concrete Finisher
    A concrete finisher, is a tradesman who works with concrete. The job entails placing, finishing, protecting and repairing concrete in engineering and construction projects.
  • Construction Industry
    Construction Industry work covers work on new or existing commercial, industrial or domestic buildings or structures.
  • Contracts Manager
    Construction contracts managers oversee projects from the start through to completion, ensuring that work is completed on time and within its budget.
  • Core Workers
    Core Workers are workers that have worked for our business previously and have received good feedback from contractor grading’s. Tried and tested workers, therefore building a good reputation.
  • CPCS Card
    Plant Operators – A card shows that you have the skills required to work as a Plant Operators and that you have the Health and Safety knowledge needed to work safely.
  • CRB Disclosure
    Criminal Records Bureau – Workers may need a CRB check before working in schools, care homes or places where they may come in contact with vulnerable people.
  • Cross Hiring
    Cross hiring is where our business utilises the direct workforce of our customers and reengages them to third party clients helping the customer to retain their workers when there is a down turn in their work load.
  • CSCS Card
    A CSCS Card shows that you have the skills required to work well in your trade and that you have the Health and Safety knowledge needed to work safely.
  • Data Cabler
    Data Cabling Engineers are responsible for cable pulling and laying. They are required to fix errors and rectifying them. These engineers may install fiber cables and networks according to company needs.
  • Data Protection
    Legal control over access to and use of data stored in computers, covered by The Data Protection Act 1998.
  • Demolition Operatives
    Demolition operatives demolish or dismantle old and derelict structures or buildings.
  • Dry Liner
    Dry liners build the internal walls in houses, offices and shops, using plasterboard panels. They might also install removable wall partitions, suspended ceilings and raised flooring.
  • ECS Card
    Electricians A card shows that you have the skills required to work as a Electricians and that you have the Health and Safety knowledge needed to work safely.
  • Electrician
    The skilled person who installs and maintains electrical equipment for commercial, industrial and domestic buildings.
  • Electrician's Mate
    The semi-skilled person who assists an electrician.
  • Employment Agency
    A recruitment company that specialises in the introduction of permanent staff.
  • Employment Business
    A recruitment company that specialises in the introduction of temporary staff.
  • Engagement
    The appointment of the applicant to perform services for or on behalf of the client whether under a contract of services or for services.
  • EUSR Card
    A national card scheme for the utility industries operated by Energy and Utility Skills.
  • Finishing Foreman
    A person that is engaged towards the latter stages of a building project to ensure that the projects completed on time and to a high level of quality finish.
  • Floor Layer
    Floor layers lay flooring in all kinds of buildings that are built in the construction trade, such as wood, vinyl, laminates, and ceramic tiles.
  • Freelance
    A person who is self-employed and hired to work on an interim contract on a specific project.
  • Gangerman
    Working under a skilled foreman, a Gangerman supervises labour crews on a construction site.
  • General Forman
    A General Foreman is second in command to the contractor in a construction site, it is his duty to supervise the crew, schedule, coordinate, plan and budget for the construction project.
  • Groundworker
    The Groundworker clears the site, lays a foundation, installs drainage and other pipework, and may build roads if necessary.
  • Handyman/Improver
    A person able or employed to do occasional domestic repairs and minor renovations.
  • Health & Safety Legislation
    An Act to ensure the health, safety and welfare of persons at work, for protecting others against risks to health or safety in connection with the activities of persons at work.
  • Insurances
    Insurance is the equitable transfer of the risk of a loss, from one entity to another in exchange for payment. It is a form of management primarily used to hedge against the risk of a contingent, uncertain loss.
  • Interior
    The inside of a building.
  • Interview
    An interview is a conversation between two or more people where questions are asked by the interviewer to elicit facts or statements from the interviewee.
  • Introduction Fee
  • JIB Card
    Plumbers in England and Wales – A card shows that you have the skills required to work as a Plumbers and that you have the Health and Safety knowledge needed to work safely.
  • Labourer
    A skilled person undertaking various roles of manual work.
  • Maintenance
    Maintenance is maintaining something, keeping it running or working and repairing something to a working state if it is not working.
  • Midlands Region
    There is no exact border for the midlands region but the midlands does consist of Derbyshire, Gloucestshire, Herefordshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire.
  • Multi-Trader
    A business consisting of several trades, such as Conversions, Plastering, Tiling, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Joinery, Plumbing etc.
  • Painter & Decorator
    A tradesman responsible for the painting and decorating of building.
  • Panel Wireman
  • Paper Hanger
    A skilled person who decorates with wallpaper.
  • Pay Rate (Renumeration)
    The Pay Rate is the amount the worker is paid for doing the job and/or the pay per hour a job is advertised at.
  • Pay Surveys
    A survey of the labour market to determine prevailing salary rates, award amounts or other pay practises.
  • Permanent Placement
    The bringing together of a job seeker and prospective employer for the purpose of effecting a permanent employment.
  • Pipefitter
    A craftsman who installs and repairs pipes, fixtures and appliances.
  • Plant Driver (Operator)
    A plant driver (operator) is a skilled person who supervises the operation of industrial plant (machine).
  • Plasterer
    A person whose job it is to apply plaster to walls, ceilings, or other structures.
  • Plumber
    A person who fits and repairs the pipes, fittings, and other apparatus of water supply, sanitation, or heating systems.
  • Project Manager
    The person in overall charge of the planning and execution of a particular project.
  • Professional Staff
    A person or persons appointed or assigned to professional staff roles in the company.
  • Residential Housing
    Is large housing to home where a number of older people live, usually in single rooms, and have access to on-site care services.
  • Open Book Pricing
    In an open-book contract, the buyer and seller of work/services agree on which costs are remunerable and the margin that the supplier can add to these costs.
  • Quantity Surveyor
    A person who calculates the amount of materials needed for building work and how much it will cost.
  • Recruitment Industry
    Refers to the process of attracting suitable candidates to apply for a vacancy arriving with an organisation.
  • References
    A person willing to testify in writing about the character or ability of someone, especially the applicant of a job.
  • Refund Guarantee
    A guarantee to give back the amount of money someone has paid if unsatisfied.
  • Renumerative
    Remuneration is the compensation that one receives in exchange for the work or services performed. Typically, this consists of monetary rewards, also referred to as wage or salary.
  • Scaffolder
    A skilled person who erects and dismantles scaffolding.
  • Scale of Fees
  • Site Engineer
    A site engineer works as part of the site management team liaising with and working alongside architects, engineers, construction managers, supervisors etc.
  • Site Manager
    In the construction industry, site managers, often referred to as construction managers, site agents or building managers, are responsible for the day-to-day on site running of a construction project.
  • Shuttering Carpenter
    A shuttering carpenter is a person who creates formwork and shuttering for projects that involve pouring concrete.
  • Shopfitting Joiner
    Undertakes the same role as other joiners but specialises in joinery on shopfittings.
  • SkillCard
    Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Personnel.
  • Skills & Competences
    Skills – The ability to do something well; expertise.
  • Competence
    A cluster of related abilities, commitments, knowledge, and skills that enable a person to act effectively in a job or situation.
  • Slinger / Signaller
    A slinger’s/signaller’s (banksman’s) responsibilities are assisting in the safe manoeuvring of vehicles around site and ensuring the correct equipment/machinery are used.
  • Social Housing
    Housing provided for people on low incomes or with particular needs by government agencies or non-profit organizations.
  • Steelfixer
    Is a skilled tradesmen who positions and secures steel reinforcing bars, also known as rebar and steel mesh.
  • Temporary Assignment
    A work assignment away from the taxpayer’s home, the termination of which can be foreseen at the time the job begins, within a reasonably short period.
  • Temporary Worker
    The person introduced to the Client by the Employment Business and engaged by the Client to carry out the assignment.
  • Temp to Perm Arrangement
    Temporary work will only last 6 to 12months, if a worker is offered a permanent job they then receive leave entitlements, jobs or work.
  • Telehandler/Rough Terrain Forklift Driver
    A skilled person that is able to operate heavy machinery such as Forklifts, Minidiggers, etc.
  • Terms of Business
    The basis on which you do business with.
  • Timesheet
    A document such as a piece of paper or a computer document for recording the number of hours worked.
  • Tradesman
    A person engaged in trading or a trade, typically on a relatively small scale.